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“Some time ago, my sister and I spent time working on a personal canvassing project, very similar to what CFM is doing. We went door to door, and then used the proceeds to sponsor different mission projects each month. Although we did face some rejections, it was always an exciting event when we were able to leave a message book in the home of someone who needs the truth of God.

We have longed to go and work in the mission field overseas, but the canvassing project helped me to realize that my “mission field” is right here where we are living.

At times it can be hard to leave the comforts of home to go out door to door, but in the end, we have seen that there are many people nearby that have not heard the gospel and are longing for something different, something that brings peace. God led as we submitted ourselves to Him, and we have been so blessed through the divine appointments He has opened up.

The added blessing of this project has been knowing that while we are reaching our community with Christ’s love, we are also helping support the overseas work in a valuable and tangible way. It’s a mission project opportunity like no other!”