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Syrian Refugee School

Syrian Refugee School

Millions of refugees have poured into the countries surrounding Syria over the last few years. They often live packed into garages or tiny apartments. Many of them used to have good jobs, nice houses, two cars, and good education for their children. Now they have nothing.

Global Mission has been helping to fund a school for refugee children in one of these countries. The dedicated Adventist teachers not only do the normal work of a teacher. They not only have to help children who have seen horrible brutalities and often escaped with nothing. But they also take time in the afternoons and evenings to visit from house to house with the families where they talk and pray, study and bring encouragement. Often they find families without food, or whose clothes have worn out, or who have an illness and no money for medications.

Global Mission is trying to raise a fund of $10,000 which could be used to help meet some of these urgent needs.

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  • Refugee Schools Goal: $10,000 1.3%
DVD Ministry in Vietnam

DVD Ministry in Vietnam

Can you believe that only $1 will provide 4 DVD’s filled with gospel truth to the people of Vietnam. Thats right only $1.

This is a Communist country, and it is risky for the people there to share about Jesus. Yet there is an underground work going on right now. There are young and old alike working and risking their lives every day to spread God’s word. It is hard sometimes to understand what that would really be like as we are free to share with anyone here in our country.

This work is spreading the gospel message to people starving for truth, and they need help to achieve their goal of providing 1 million DVD’s this year. CFMissions is partnering with ASAP Ministries to supply 20,000 DVD’s to the people of Vietnam. That is only $5,000. $1 will give four people the opportunity to hear about, and know Jesus.

We invite you to partner with ASAP Ministries and CFMissions to make this a reality.

  • Goal: $5000 2.6%
Evening Schools in India

Evening Schools in India

Jesus for Asia currently has six evening schools operating in India, which serve over 200 children six nights a week. They estimate they have served over 400,000 meals since the program began in 2011! There are millions of children in India who do not get adequate nutrition and education and we do all we can to help as many as possible. These children hear about Jesus, and also get a good meal when they come. For some it is the only meal of the day.

It only cost $1500 to start an evening school. We want to partner with Jesus for Asia to start three more schools around the city of Udumalpet. The first one is called Kadathur. The kids heard that they were going to start one there, and so they started coming already, but they are not ready. So 45 kids showed up at the director of the schools house ready to get started.

$1500 will build a kitchen, bathroom, and provide the pots and pans to cook the meal and other needed supplies. Most of these programs are started either in a home, or at one of our SDA churches. By the way it only cost $7 a month to sponsor one of these students. Who said $10 a month won’t do much in the mission field. It will feed and help educate a child in India. Pray that God will help us get the funds needed to start these three new schools.

  • Evening Schools Goal: $4500 3%