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About Us

We are thankful that the Lord has been willing to use us to share the Gospel with others around the world.  There is no greater joy then seeing the Lord working out his will in our lives.  It is our desire that this ministry will bring honor and glory to Him. 

In 2011, our family saw the Lord leading us into full time mission service.  Within a five month period, the Lord sold our small business, our home, and led us to Thailand.  We spent close to five years working with the Karen people at a school on the border with Myanmar.  There were many challenges, and many blessings.  But the biggest blessing was seeing young people give their lives to the Lord through baptism.  What a thrill it was, after seeing the battle rage in some of there lives, to finally see them go down into the water and come back up with smiles on their faces.   

Several months before our family went to Thailand, there was another family getting ready to leave to the mission field.  Our children went out canvassing with a lady from our church to help raise funds.  They were able to place books in homes, and at the same time raise money for their project.  A few weeks later, as we were eating breakfast, the idea of Canvassing for Missions was born.  The Lord made all the details very clear to me that morning.  So I went to my computer and typed them all down.   The next few years in Thailand provided our family with a better understanding of the needs of foreign missions.  This gave us a clearer perspective as we began to move forward with the ministry.

In December of 2016, we went to GYC and shared the idea with other ministries. The response was greater than we could have imagined.  Many conference canvassing programs showed an interest, as did many ministries and organizations.  We left there feeling very encouraged and continued to press forward.

It has been a challenge and yet rewarding to put all the details of this ministry together.  God has miraculously provided for us when it appeared that the doors were closed.   He has blessed us with encouragement from friends and ministries to keep pressing on.  The experience and advice from conference leaders, mission organizations, and friends has been a great blessing.  I have especially been blessed by each leader as they personally encouraged me, and prayed for me.  I know that the Lord has put many of these people directly in my path. 

We are excited at what the Lord has put together.  Our focus is to work in unity with individuals and ministries to complete the mission God has given us.  It is going to take effort on all our parts to fulfill this great commission.  We encourage each of you to consider how you can get involved.  Whether it be giving, going, local outreach, or prayer, I know he has a part for each of you to play in his great plan.

May God richly bless each of you as you work for him, and may we all be ready when Jesus comes to take us home.